Welcome to the Prince George's Chamber of Commerce

The  Prince George’s Chamber of Commerce is a non-profit organization representing businesses in Prince George’s County-one of the largest chambers in the state of Maryland and the Washington Metropolitan region. We have earned a well-deserved reputation as the “Voice of Wealth Creation” for Prince George’s County, through our aggressive pursuit of a healthy economic climate for business and an improved quality of life for County residents. Our mission is to advance the interests of business and help create wealth for a vibrant Prince George’s County.


Carrying out the mission

The Prince George’s Chamber of Commerce has dedicated itself to fostering a sound and progressive business climate for the County by advocating in Upper Marlboro and Annapolis as well as assuming a leadership position in identifying and resolving procurement issues & other matters that concern small business. 


On behalf of the Board of Directors, I appreciate your membership.  Over 90 years, the Prince George’s Chamber of Commerce has been a leading business voice with a distinguished history of advocacy, partnership and service.  Advocacy in advancing policy for building a prosperous business climate, partnership in providing venues for networking and service in helping you consider strategies for growing your business. 

I also encourage you to deepen your engagement through joining a committee that intersects with your interest.  Our committees are the backbone for all of our work.  Please go to our committee web link to learn more and select where you would like to serve.

Again, thank you for your membership and please call on me if you have any questions or suggestions for growing this dynamic organization.


David C. Harrington
President and CEO

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Dear Partners and Future Partners of the Prince George’s Chamber of Commerce,

I am so excited and honored to serve as the 2017-2018 Chairman of the Board of Directors for the Prince George's Chamber of Commerce. Due to the hard work and dedication of our board, staff, and members, we have truly become the epicenter of business in Prince George's County. In the upcoming year, we seek to build on the tremendous momentum built in recent years and to continue the outstanding 94-year legacy of the organization. Through hard work, relentless dedication, and adaption to a changing business climate, we have become the leading voice for business in Prince George's County. My mission as Chairman is to continue, as well as expand, the great successes this organization has accomplished in recent years. These successes are attributable to many things, but the main reason for our success is the spirit, intelligence, and drive of the individuals that make up the Chamber. Our passion keeps us on the cutting edge of business issues, politics, and technological innovations. This will permit us to continue to be strong advocates for the business community, as well as the voice of wealth creation in the upcoming year. I intend to stress continued advocacy throughout my term. We pride ourselves in putting our members in positions to use their creativity and skills to attract business by providing meaningful networking opportunities.

The hope is they will foster longstanding relationships that will increase bottom lines for all who are committed to success.

In closing, I hope to fill the very large shoes of the talented individuals who preceded me in leading this organization. With the tremendous support and leadership of our President and CEO, the relentless energy and spirit of our board and staff, I am confident the upcoming year will be the best the Prince George's Chamber of Commerce will ever have. I welcome all businesses, large and small, near and far, to join the most dynamic business organization in Maryland. We are truly the VOICE OF WEALTH CREATION!




Chairman, Board of Directors




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