Prince George’s Chamber of Commerce 2021 Legislative Priorities

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Support for businesses and nonprofit organizations in the wake of COVID-19:

The COVID19 Pandemic has upended business as usual across the country. For businesses to survive and thrive we need to:

  • Target loan and grant programs to those small businesses hardest hit by COVID-19.
  • Design consistent aggressive business outreach for COVID-19 funds.



Expand procurement focus across state and local agencies

  • Support small business in the state and local procurement processes.
  • Examine barriers to meeting procurement metrics.
  • Monitor state and local metrics for minority & women owned procurement opportunities.
  • Evaluate legislation and policies to ensure robust opportunities for procurement.
  • Host events to educate and expose vendors to state & local procurement officials.



Simplify County Government Processes

  • Monitor County policies and regulatory processes affecting business.
  • Work with County officials to minimize barriers that contribute to delays and reduce cost expenses to support business growth.


 Grow and Retain Diverse Businesses

  • Business Resources/Business Friendliness: Forge a business-friendly culture in both state and local operations through altering bureaucratic processes that, in the past, have curtailed business growth; such policies include reviewing zoning procedures, permitting approvals, and other licensing applications.
  • Creativity and Innovation: Be innovative and flexible in the following areas: developing & supporting education and other initiatives to foster entrepreneurship and new business.


Specific Policy Initiatives

  • Business Liability Protection and access to PPE for those businesses operating during the pandemic.
  • Increase funding for local workforce development and training initiatives.
  • Eliminating and/or reducing the financial burden on businesses created by new tax initiatives such as the digital advertising tax.
  • Create tax incentive program that hold harmless personal liability for business losses.