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The Prince George’s Chamber of Commerce is a non-profit organization representing businesses in Prince George’s County-one of the largest chambers in the state of Maryland and the Washington Metropolitan region. We have earned a well-deserved reputation as the “Voice of Wealth Creation” for Prince George’s County, through our aggressive pursuit of a healthy economic climate for business and an improved quality of life for County residents.

Our mission is to advance the interests of business and help create wealth for a vibrant Prince George’s County. The Prince George’s Chamber of Commerce has dedicated itself to fostering a sound and progressive business climate for the County by advocating in Upper Marlboro and Annapolis as well as assuming a leadership position in identifying and resolving procurement issues & other matters that concern small business.


On behalf of the Board of Directors, I appreciate your membership. Over 90 years, the Prince George’s Chamber of Commerce has been a leading business voice with a distinguished history of advocacy, partnership and service. Advocacy in advancing policy for building a prosperous business climate, partnership in providing venues for networking and service in helping you consider strategies for growing your business.

I also encourage you to deepen your engagement through joining a committee that intersects with your interest. Our committees are the backbone for all of our work. Please go to our committee web link to learn more and select where you would like to serve.

Again, thank you for your membership and please call on me if you have any questions or suggestions for growing this dynamic organization.


David C. Harrington
President & CEO

About the Chairman
of the board of directors

CareFirstT Blue Cross Blue Shield

Chairman, PGCOC Board of Directors


Prince George’s County is a special place.  Located in the National Capital Area and along the bustling northeastern corridor, the County has a number of important advantages.

A strong school system prepares our children for the future.  A renowned community college, a leading historically Black university and the University of Maryland aim to grow our young people into entrepreneurs and leaders in business & government.  Leadership in county government recognizes the importance of creating an environment conducive to starting and growing a business.  The educators, policymakers and business leaders that make all this possible have one thing in common – they all come together at the Prince George’s Chamber of Commerce.

A strong business community provides economic opportunity through employment and entrepreneurship providing government with a strong tax base, enabling investments in education, infrastructure & community services.  Together, this creates a virtuous cycle that is the hallmark of a thriving community.  Through this lens, an organization advocating for business opportunity is, in fact, advocating for every person in the community.  This is the Prince George’s Chamber of Commerce. 

I am honored to have the opportunity to serve as your Chair through June of 2022; building on the great work of the Chamber staff and my predecessors who improved conditions for Chamber Members competing for government business, with a focus this year on improving conditions for Chamber Members competing for business with large, private-sector businesses.  Our communities will be stronger, now and into the future, when opportunities are accessible to all.

The Chamber is the perfect organization to lead this work on behalf of our members and the broader community.  Please stay engaged with the Chamber.  We will need your continued support to make this a reality. 


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